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The expanding Universe

The expanding Universe Just became a paid member, the guilt from listening for so long for free was to much ! You do a fantastic job of bringing us a truly top rate podcast. My question - on large scales the Universe is expanding by increasing the amount of Space where, whatever force is causing the Universe to expand, that force is greater than gravity. Hope that makes sense ! However, if Space itself is expanding (and Time is bound up with Space to be SpaceTime), does this mean that on those large cosmic scales Time is also being created along with Space ? In other words the very fabric of Space is being created.. ?? Or is the existing fabric of space being stretched and what does that mean for the Time part of that Space that is being stretched ? Would Time run slower in that stretched Space ?

FTL Travel

Hi guys, Rob from Newcastle (NSW) Love listening to you guys. My question I would like to travel fast than light (or even light speed would be acceptable) so I thought using an Alcubierre drive would be a good start. Now, I believe that theory has it we need a mass the size of Jupiter (converted to energy) to warp space time enough to get an Alcubierre drive up and running. Pretty impossible with current technology (or very impossible) However, there is a theory that in the Periodic Table there is an island of stability that may exist around element 164. If this element did exist it would have a large mass and a half life of maybe seconds. So what do you think of the idea of creating a smallish amount of a very, very heavy element and using that to wrap space and get my Alcubierre drive going ? Is this more feasible than trying to convert Jupiter to energy in few seconds ?